Processing payroll can be a stressful time for the company owners or heads. Each month, the hassle of ensuring a smooth payroll process requires a lot of energy and is a time–consuming affair.

Our payroll services can ensure that you go on about your business and we’ll handle the paychecks. After all, the Human Resources department at your organization is not there just to hand out the monthly payroll. Your HR staff can be an asset to your organization provided you allow them to concentrate on developing the company’s human resources.

A smooth payroll process is the mark of any successful organisation and we can assist you to create a seamless system. We can also provide you with insights and analysis that can help you grow your business. When it comes to payroll processing in Delhi/NCR, we are amongst the most professional service providers you can find.

Here’s how we offer the best payroll processing services to our clients:

  • We first have a look at monthly components and take into account the Basic Salary, Dearness Allowance, HRA, Reimbursements & Special Allowances and Deductions such as Statutory Deductions.
  • We then structure the salary in a way to bring the tax burden on employees to the minimum.
  • We collate the data through our automated system.
  • We organize all information related to payroll digitally. 
  • We also maintain attendance records, leave records, salary/wages register.
  • We provide salary slips to all employees. 
  • We also ensure that all information related to overtime, incentives, bonus, leave encashment etc. is in place. 
  • We also provide data for EPF, ESI, Labor Welfare fund, PT, TDS, etc. 
  • We also ensure smooth settlement of leaving/retiring employees.

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