Employee State Insurance Act, 1948

We are ESI Consultants and at Purohit Associates we provide following services in compliance to the provisions of ESIC, Act, 1948:

Employees’ State Insurance Compliances

  • Obtaining ESI Registration / Coverage of factory or establishment.
  • Obtaining ESI main code for coverable factory / establishment.
  • Obtaining ESI Sub-Code No. for branch offices under their respective jurisdictions.
  • Obtaining Employee Sate Insurance Number.
  • Preparation & Submission of applicable declarations / forms.
  • Registration of families under ESI Act.
  • Preparing ESI Challans & Depositing ESI Contributions on behalf of the establishment.
  • Intimating changes in members of the insured families.
  • Preparation & filing of Periodical Returns as may be required under ESI Act / Rules.
  • Preparation & Submission of Abstention Certification with appropriate ESI regional office.
  • Preparation & Maintenance of Inspection Book, Accident Book, ESI 32.
  • Preparation & Maintenance of Statutory Registers & Records as required under ESI Act / Rules.
  • Furnishing of particulars of change in ownership / management of the establishment.

Support in ESI Compliances

  • Providing day to day consultancy on matters pertaining to ESI Act.
  • Handling accidental claims under ESI Act.
  • Assistance to employees in obtaining Employees’ Identity Cards and their Family
  • Identity Cards & duplicate Identity Cards.
  • Assistance to employees in claiming various ESI benefits.
  • Assistance in preparation & submission of Certificate of Contribution whenever demanded by appropriate office under the ESI Act.
  • Correspondence / Liaising with local ESI Department / Office.
  • Assistance at the time of inspection / enquiries conducted under ESI Act.

Legal Support

  • Replying / Satisfying Show Cause Notices/ Demand Notices (Ad-hoc / Final) issued under the ESI Act.
  • Appearing before the concerned authorities on behalf of the establishments in show-cause / adjudication proceedings under the ESI Act.
  • Defending Prosecution Proceedings against the Management under the ESI Act.
  • Defending proceedings against the establishment before Employees’ State Insurance Courts.

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