Industrial Disputes Act, 1947

Services We Offer

We are Industrial & Labour Law Consultants and at Purohit-Associates we provide following services in relation to the provisions of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947:

  •  Providing day to day consultancy on matters pertaining to Industrial Disputes Act.
  •  Assistance to the Management in the proceedings of Works Committees, Conciliation Officers, Boards of Conciliation, Courts of Inquiry, Labour Courts, Industrial Tribunals, Arbitration.
  •  Preparing Proposal on behalf of the Management to be placed during the process of Mediation / Collective Bargaining.
  •  Representing Management in the process of Industrial Dispute Resolution such as Mediation / Collective Bargaining with Trade Unions.
  •  Negotiating on behalf of the Management against the claims of the Trade Unions.
  •  Assisting in the process of Industrial Dispute Resolution upon invitation of the parties to act as independent 3rd Party in the event of requirement of professional reference.

Drafting of Collective Agreements.

  •  Professional assistance in Conciliation / Mediation between the Management and the Workmen in the event of Labour Crisis / Industrial Disputes.
  •  Assistance in setting-up of ‘Grievance Settlement Authority’.
  •  Assistance to the Management in ensuring / complying various provisions of the Act related to disclosures, notices, displays, etc.
  •  Assistance in furnishing notice of change in employment conditions.
  •  Assistance in Reopening of Closed Undertakings.
  •  Assistance in settling compensation issues in case of transfer of undertakings.
  •  Replying / Satisfying Show Cause Notices issued under the Act.
  •  Assisting the Management during the Inquiries conducted under the Act.
  •  Filing / defending Appeals under the Act.

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