Factories Act, 1948

Services We Offer

We are Industrial Consultants and at Purohit-Associates we provide following services in compliance to the provisions of the Factories Act, 1948:

  •  Providing day to day consultancy on matters pertaining to the Act.
  •  Obtaining Registration of factories under the Act.
  •  Appeal to Central Government / State Government against refusal to grant permission to site, construction or extension of a factory or to the registration and licensing of a factory by State Government / Chief Inspector.
  •  Assistance in issuing Identity Cards to workers.
  •  Preparation & Submission of notices with Chief Inspector as and when required under the Act.
  •  Assistance in complying the duties of occupier / manufacturer as prescribed under the Act.
  •  Assistance in complying various provisions of the Act related to safety, health & welfare of the workers.
  •  Ensuring / Assistance in complying various provisions of the Act related to disclosures, notices, displays etc.
  •  Preparation & Maintenance of various Registers & Records as provide under the like Register of Adult Workers, Register of Child Workers Register of Compensatory Holiday, Humidity Register, Register of Wages, Register of Leave with wages, etc. & Submissions of various forms, returns & reports from time to time as prescribed under the Act.

Replying / satisfying Show Cause Notices.

  •  Representing occupier / manufacturer before Inspector.
  •  Assistance at the time of inspection and search of any factory by Inspector.
  •  Representing occupier / manufacturer at the enquiries conducted by the inspector.
  •  Drafting & filing of appeal to Appellate Authority.
  •  Representing occupier / manufacturer before Appellate Authority.

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