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Purohit Associates – your trusted partner in simplifying complexity of labour law.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a professional Labour Law Consultant, focusing on end to end, comprehensive statutory compliance. We provide quality Labour Law , Statutory compliance, IR & HR services and having worked with diverse industry segment and addressing compliance needs across various levels & demography’s. We firmly believe in devoting quality time towards our clients in understanding their requirements and dedicating our entire resources towards fulfilling our commitments.

Being in business for the last 25 years doesn’t stop us from taking new initiatives and accepting challenges. We believe that Labour Law, Statutory compliance, IR & HR is the most significant asset of an organization. Our experienced team of professionals who possess vast & relevant experience in the field of Labour Law, Statutory compliance, IR & HR ensures complete customer satisfaction.

We at Purohit Associates believe in ensuring a valuable service quality. Through our affirmative approach and practices we have been able to add value propositions in our services.

Why Purohit Associates

We are Delhi /NCR most preferred Labour Law, Statutory Compliance Consultancy. We provide expert and innovative Labour Law, Statutory compliance, IR & HR services to leading global and Indian organizations. Through our network of offices spread across the Delhi /NRC. Our primary objective is to provide Cost Effective Services in the terms of Labour law, Statutory Compliance, IR & HR, Payroll Management, Internal Audit etc.

  • Establishment compliance -compliance for your branches and offices
  • Factory compliance – compliance for your factories
  • Vendor compliance – audits to minimize financial and legal risk due to non-compliance by your vendors – assistance in meeting your obligations as a vendor
  • Various Compliance under the Labour law (EPF, ESI, LWF, PT, TDS etc.)
  • Payroll solution/Manpower outsourcing
  • Compliance Documentation creation and maintenance of registers and records


  • Maintenance of Registers and records
  • Deposit of statutory fees/contributions
  • Preparation and Filing of Returns
  • Display of relevant Abstracts
  • Obtaining of Registrations/Licenses
  • Site Audits
  • Vendor Audits
  • Education of frontline employees
  • Management of Inspections and Notices,
  • Advisory services
  • Under various Labour Laws registration & renewal, sub code and license under Contract Labour (R & A) Act & state wise Shops and Establishment Commercial Act, Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Factories Act, Pollution, Fire.
  • Preparing online/offline monthly/ quarterly / half yearly and yearly Challan/returns under various compliances (EPF, ESI, LWF, PT, EDLI, TDS, Minimum wages, Gratuity, Contract Labour etc.
  • Formalities with mandatory provisions under Compulsory Notification, Show Cause Notice, summons various Statutory Compliances.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Employees Insurance Management covering GPA, GHI, EC and Fidelity insurances (for permanent and contractual employees).
  • Internal Audit Compliance required as per Industry.

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